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International Summer Camps

Summer Schools are a fantastic way of improving your English language in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Study and Work Abroad Recruitment and partners organise Summer School in July and August each year in the UK, Canada and Switzerland for students age 10 to 18 years old. We assist you to choose the best Summer School program, and country. Our ultimate goal is clear and simple. We want all our candidates to get a fun, welcoming, caring, safe and educational stay within one of the campuses. It is a great opportunity to meet lots of other students from all over the world and try many activities you wouldn’t have experienced before.

We want you to feel part of the Summer School family and to give you an experience that you will always remember. 

All Summer School campuses provide fantastic accommodation and facilities. All facilities provide our students with fantastic opportunities to support them through their stay and experience. When you attend the Summer School, we want you to go back saying

  • It was an active, busy and fun time
  • You are more confident using your English language as it has improved.
  • The Summer School staff looked after you and made you feel safe.
  • You felt part of the Summer School family because of the home treatment you received
  • You learned about different cultures and made new friends from other countries
  • You enjoyed the excursions and would want to come again
  • Staff were good and welcoming

After your Summer School, your experience and feedback are very important to us as we are always looking at ways the Summer School can be better. We encourage you to talk to us if there is anything you are not happy with or if there is something that you think we could improve on or change. You are the reason the Summer School is being organised. You are important.


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Summer Camp Activities

At the Summer Camp, the students have not come to stay in the classrooms. The Summer Camp will be boring without exciting activities. Present at the Summer Camp, is a team of qualified and experienced staff to lead in outdoor activities and make the Camp a memorable one to all participants.  Without activities, summer camp would be a very quiet and strange place. If you’ve got a skill, we’ve got the summer job for you.

The Summer Camp activities are loaded with action-packed activities. The  activity timetable offers all participant a range of activities that they may never have experienced. Students will also have the opportunity to play some of their favourite sports and games. Each activity promotes the use of English language, encourages the students to make new friends and helps them learn new skills as they play along and meet new people. Below are examples of some activities and sports you may experience during your Summer School:


Your favourite teacher has been taken away to an unknown destination after a murder that took place on campus. You are required to work together as a team to decode the clues of who the murderers may be.


A unique chance to showcase a talent of your choice. Dancing, singing, juggling, impressions etc.  Choose what you want to showcase.


Dress up in your best clothes and come out every Saturday night ready to enjoy an action-packed fun night. This is for so long, the most popular memories of the Summer School with plenty of party games and a disco.


Badminton •Basketball •Bench Ball •Big King •Bonding Belt •Baking •Circus skills •Crafts •Dodgeball •Football •Friends Café •Lip Sync Battle •Movie making •Picture Challenge •Swimming •Team games •Tennis • Fashion show • Treasure hunt •Twisted Bingo •Yoga


All candidates will stay in on-campus boarding accommodation purposely built for student living. Participants will stay along with all other candidates and experienced boarding staff. Girls’ buildings are separated from boys. There is a mixture of single, twin and quad rooms. Rooms have en-suite or shared bathrooms. All campuses and boarding facilities have sport halls, basketball, tennis courts, swimming pools for those who can swim, discos and dinning rooms.


Without a wonderful and dedicated staff, the feedback from students would not be as excellent as we receive each year. For this we are grateful for having a team of committed staff on the ground doing what they passionately love to do. Our team is made up of fully qualified and experienced teachers, and committed trainees who will be on hand around then clock. Despite this, each student is given a contact number which they can reach a member of staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure each child feels secure and enjoys the best possible experience.



Surrey Campus

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Nottingham Campus

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Hampshire Campus

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Prices and Dates

Surrey Campus

£ 2300 Per 2 Weeks
  • 04/07/2021 – 22/08/2021

Nottingham Campus

£ 2300 Per 2 Weeks
  • 04/07/2021 – 22/08/2021

Hampshire Campus

£ 2300 Per 2 Weeks
  • 04/07/2021 – 15/08/2021

What you get with our fees

The Summer School was established to offer excellent value and a memorable experience for all candidates attending. Since created in 2013, values have only gotten stronger. Focus is on 4 key areas to achieve the goal: 
An industry leading staff to student ratio:
This means your child get more than enough one-to-one time, and teachers join in with all activities and excursions to encourage the use of English.
Students are offered a unique, high value excursion, including now famous OVERNIGHT excursions to either a medieval castle or a safari park!
The boundaries on what activities can be offered are pushed at a summer school. Activities now include zombie runs, escape games, assault courses and music festivals.
Each language is capped to 20%. This means there is a maximum of 30 children with the same mother tongue as your children on campus. To be honest,  it will be far less.

Included in our prices are:

  • Airport transfers
  • Residential accommodation
  • 3 meals per day with lots of choice
  • 15 hours of English tuition per week
  • 2 full day excursions per week (including our famous overnight stay at a medieval castle or safari park)
  • An action-packed schedule of afternoon and evening activities
  • An industry leading staff to student ratio of 1:6