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Section 4: English Language Qualification

(Please state the highest English Language Qualiation that you have currently. Valid qualications include Secondary School English, IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent):

Section 5: Academic History

Your Education in your Home country normally From the age of 16 (Eg: High School, A Level, etc...) Starting with the most recent Qualification

Section 6: Other Information

You must inform us about any convictions you have
Study Abroad Recruitment Ltd welcomes applications from disabled international students and we encourage you to declare your disability and your support needs as soon as possible. Telling us about your disability will not aect your selection as a candidate, but will enable us to work with you to assess your needs, plan your stay abroad and inform you to what extent we can meet your requirements.

Section 7: Chosen Program

Please tick the box to give consent for our rm to act on your behalf regarding your application for admission to your chosen program and to confirm that you understand and agree to the following conditions: Study Abroad Recruitment Ltd will be acting on my behalf. Study Abroad Recruitment Ltd will hold and process information solely for the purpose of my application to my chosen program and all communications will be shared with
If yes, please tick the box to give your consent for Study Abroad Recruitment Ltd to pass information about your application to your sponsor.

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